Collection: Monthly Bow Subscription

How it works:

Join our exclusive monthly bow subscription and save big!!! You will receive 2 sets of mini size bows each month you subscribe. Your hairbows will ship the last week of the month prior and get delivered to you at the first of each month. Pay once for shipping, and then never again! Your renewal will only charge for the subscription after you receive your first months hairbows.

There is so many conveniences behind this monthly bow subscription they are designed for busy mamas or first time mamas! Each month our monhtly subscriptions coordinate with the season or month. If you don't have time to shop our new releases, or have a hard time picking your hairbows, this subscription is for you! 

Subscription perks:

We are now offering our monhtly subscribers 15% off our entire shop as long as you are a subscriber. An email will be sent with your special code to use anytime in our shop! This code will be good for as long as you are a monthly subscriber! 

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